KELLY-Hovering-redErnieHovering Above a Homicide 

Who killed Tim Whalen? And why?

Ernie Creekmore, real estate agent and semi-retired coach, is asked to help by his fishing buddy, Skagit County sheriff’s detective Harvey Johnston, when the investigation goes cold. But Ernie doesn’t like the idea that he’s apparently being asked to set up the cops’ top suspect: Trent Whalen, the troubled but talented son of the victim.

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Cold_CrossoverCold Crossover | A Chilling Northwest Mystery

Linnbert “Cheese” Oliver, hard-luck high school basketball hero in the Northwest town of North Fork, is missing on a late-night ferry. And for real estate agent Ernie Creekmore, his father figure, friend and former coach, the news hits hard. Ernie’s suffered too much loss and pain in his life — his wife, a state basketball championship, a mysterious medical malady — and he just can’t accept the idea that Cheese might have taken his own life. Working with sheriff’s detective Harvey Johnston, Ernie uses his contacts in real estate and hoops to trace Cheese’s movements. Meanwhile, hints at possible foul play turn up in pieces of North Fork’s rough-and-tumble history in fishing, logging and railroading, and the past and the present violently collide in a series of heart-stopping moments that peel back layers of greed, secrets and twisted family ties that refuse to stay buried.

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Bargains Beyond the Border

Get Past the Blood and Drugs: Mexico’s Lower Cost of Living Can Avert a Tearful Retirement

News reports — including a segment on 60 Minutes — have depicted the entire country of Mexico as being an absolute mess, awash in blood and guns on every street corner. Ironically, people living there have a dramatically different perspective, especially in the “fly-in” destinations that continue to hold their value.

Despite what you may have heard, read and seen, the country is not under siege. The laid-back lure of Mexico’s beaches, forests, deserts, people, and culture has been capturing visitors and second-home buyers for decades and has become an international draw no longer driven solely by Americans and Canadians. Not only is land plentiful, exotic, captivating, and beautiful but also it is typically more affordable than most of the property found in America’s getaway areas.

Much has been written about the kidnappings, roadside hijackings, crooked cops and ever the infamous bandidos in some of the regions of Mexico. Most of the violence south of the border, however, is directly related to the drug cartels and the authorities who are trying to eradicate them. There is absolutely no pattern of any innocent U.S. citizens being randomly murdered in drug violence.

In this book, we will meet other second-home buyers, investors and retirees who share positive views about living and investing south of the border. We will show you their answers to our questions about crime and occupancy in key areas of the country. We’ll also explain why Mexico will become a needed alternative especially for 59,250,000 baby boomers that have not saved enough to fund their retirement years.

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Cashing In on a Second Home in Mexico” ($19.95)

Mexico real estate is booming: What went right?

The growth and popularity of Mexico’s real estate industry has absolutely exploded compared to a decade ago when it appeared to be on a fast track to implosion. What went right? Did the enormous group of U.S. baby boomers simply return to their old spring-break haunts and begin buying beachfront memories? When did it turn the corner? Was it with the turnaround of the peso in 1996?  Does it still make sense to consider buying a getaway in a laid-back, it-can-wait-until mañana setting? Values in some Mexican markets have tripled in five years-far exceeding the rates of return in much of the U.S. – but will those numbers continue to rise? Learn more here

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Real Estate for Boomers and Beyond ($19.95)

Baby Boomers have redefined nearly every life stage, and retirement will be no exception. With more than 50 percent of Baby Boomers planning to buy a home for their retirement, they will be looking for ways to maximize the investment and experience or live more comfortably in their present home.  In this SIGNED edition, Tom Kelly explores the different housing options available from independent living communities and assisted living communities to “aging in place.” Learn more here

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“Cashing In on a Second Home in Central America” ($19.95)

How to Buy, Rent and Profit in the World’s Bargain Zone

From the great urban high-rise developments in Panama City, to the eco-conscious beach escape in Nosara, Costa Rica to the distinguished colonial estates of Antigua, Guatemala . . . Second homes of any type, taste, and budget are available in Central America.

It is a straightforward, informative guide that helps potential second home buyers, investors and renters easily understand the nuances of Central America property, mortgages and escrow, plus: * Strategies on researching a property for purchase * Creative avenues of financing your dream retreat * Innovative ways of attracting desirable, qualified renters * Tax benefits, ramifications. Learn more here

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The New Reverse Mortgage Formula

“The New Reverse Mortgage Formula” (Wiley, $19.95) is a straightforward explanation of the ins and outs of reverse mortgages These loans allow seniors to convert part of their home equity into tax-free income. Learn more here

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How a Second Home Can Be Your Best Investment

This creative, provocative and entertaining work (McGraw-Hill Trade, $18.95) is co-authored by John Tuccillo, former chief economist for the National Association of Realtors. It explains dozens of strategies of how one additional property – recreation, retirement, investment – can serve a variety of purposes over time, including your ultimate getaway. Learn more here>>

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