KELLY-Hovering-redErnie-2 Who killed Tim Whalen? And why?

Was it because of the North Fork real-estate agent’s rumored infidelities? Or those of his wife? Was it because he was a “helicopter parent” who micro-managed his short-tempered basketball-star son? Perhaps he was murdered because he somehow got on the wrong side of the shadow network of sports hangers-on who brokered big-money deals to deliver talented young athletes into big-time sports programs.

Ernie Creekmore, real estate agent and semi-retired coach, is asked to help by his fishing buddy, Skagit County sheriff’s detective Harvey Johnston, when the investigation goes cold. But Ernie doesn’t like the idea that he’s apparently being asked to set up the cops’ top suspect: Trent Whalen, the troubled but talented son of the victim.

Besides, Ernie’s got a full plate as it is. He’s scouting prospects for a regional all-star basketball team as a way of easing back into coaching. He’s trying to cultivate sales prospects at work —and keep his irascible boss off his back. And then there’s hot-to-trot Margie McGovern, who’s trying to maneuver Ernie into a commitment faster than you can say “find the open man!”

The more Ernie pokes around, the more he’s disturbed to find out just how deeply corrupted the once snow-white world of high school sports has become. How fast the money runs. And how far someone might go to protect his — or her — secrets.

Tom Kelly, who introduced Ernie Creekmore in COLD CROSSOVER, is back with another engrossing tale of hoops, home sales and homicide.

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Introducing Cold Crossover, a chilling Northwest Mystery by Tom Kelly, the first in the Ernie Creekmore series.

Linnbert “Cheese” Oliver, hard-luck high school basketball hero in the Northwest town of North Fork, is missing on a late-night ferry. And for real estate agent Ernie Creekmore, his father figure, friend and former coach, the news hits hard. Ernie’s suffered too much loss and pain in his life — his wife, a state basketball championship, a mysterious medical malady — and he just can’t accept the idea that Cheese might have taken his own life. Working with sheriff’s detective Harvey Johnston, Ernie uses his contacts in real estate and hoops to trace Cheese’s movements. Meanwhile, hints at possible foul play turn up in pieces of North Fork’s rough-and-tumble history in fishing, logging and railroading, and the past and the present violently collide in a series of heart-stopping moments that peel back layers of greed, secrets and twisted family ties that refuse to stay buried.

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Reviews for Cold Crossover

A long-time coach goes on a search for the best player he ever had in a mystery that will keep you reading deep into the roots of its Pacific Northwest setting.” – Danny O’Neil, Seattle Times

“Cold Crossover is a riveting mystery based on the drama of small-town high school basketball, complete with the missed shot no local will ever forget. Along the way, Tom Kelly takes the reader from the Northwest’s wild frontier days to its equally crazy present as a real-estate mecca. Kelly weaves the ferries, crabbers, and timber-men of his region into a timeless and page-turning tale.” – Jim Ragsdale, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Award-winning real estate writer Tom Kelly makes a terrific transition into fiction, offering a small-town hero as the center of a big-time story. Kelly clearly knows his territory, including the energy and emotions surrounding a state high-school basketball tournament. A successful merging of past and present, Cold Crossover catches some colorful characters along the way to its captivating climax.” – Alan J. Heavens, Philadelphia Inquirer